One Lens, One Camera and Ferrania P30

 Ferrania P30 can be a tricky to shoot with compared black and white films. It's not very forgiving due to the lower latitude compared to other black and white motion picture stocks like ORWO UN 54 and Eastman Double X when used as still films.  This is the first time I ran this film through an autofocus camera with Color Matrix Metering. Ferrania initially warned that P30 might be to delicate to run through a camera with a motor drive, I found this not to be the case with my Nikon F100. 

Camera: Nikon F100, Nikon AF-D 50 F1.4 lens. 

Film: Ferrania P30, D76 1+1. 

Vine on the Trunk Cairncroft House on the East Side Lawson Park Barn and Playground Balson and Lakeshore House Late Morning Balson and Lakeshore House Late Morning Two Daisies Old OTHS in the Sun Two Black Corvette in the Sun Silver Corvette_ Silver Cobra 427 427 Cobra Interior 427 Cobra Parked Porsche 911 Slant Nose Convertable_ Knox Front Doors on Lakeshore Kibo and Colossus Street Patio The Seven Umbrellas_ Millenium Clock Returned Shanghai Alley Front Patio String of Crossovers on Lakeshore at Thomas


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