Leicas and Colour Film

April in Toronto can be hit, or miss or March continued on. When I planned the photo walk at the beginning of the week, the weekend forecast called for a decent Saturday and a cold damp Sunday. Well, things got reversed and Saturday up until 2 PM was overcast and felt like March continued on. I wanted to shoot both my Leica's with Kodak Ektar 100 and Kosmo Mono 100, Saturday morning I was committed and it became a 1/125 of a second F8 kind of day.

Which brings me to the choice of cameras, my Leica M3 and M4-2. Even though it has been my camera for the past 14 years I still consider it Dad's M3. I bought the M4-2 off my brother eight or nine years ago and it was a smart purchase.

I'm from the school of thought even if you're a camera collector (guilty as charged), you should use your gear. Leicas for some reason in some quarters induce what could be best described as Leica derangement syndrome. People either obessesively love, loathe and in some cases fetishize these cameras. I don't really get this, I use my cameras as they were meant to be used. If given a huge pile of cash, I would spring for a black paint Leica MP (film not digital) with a decent Leica lens kit and use the hell out of it.

Camera: Leica M4-2, Canon 50 f1.4 LTM lens (the Japanese Summilux)
Film: Kodak Ektar 100.

Leuty St. Lifeguard Station April 2019_

Empty Balmy Beach Boardwalk April 2019

Almost Deserted Balmy Beach Boardwalk

Waiting for Spring at Balmy Beach

RC Harris Spring 2019

Overcast Lake Ontario

RC Harris Upper Level April 2019


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