New Film" CatLab Film 80 X

New film, yes it's really a new emulsion, coated and finished somewhere, we just don't know where. The who behind this is CatLabs of JP camera store in Massachusetts just outside of Boston, and they commissioned a new film that has the look of the long departed Kodak Panatomic X into a new emulsion that is relatively faster at 80 ISO as opposeed to the original's 32 ISO. The news behind Film 80 X crossed my news feeds via Instagram as I follow the store and they up a shot of a bunch 120 rolls of the film. I had to order 10 rolls to see what the fuss is about.

First off Film 80 X is available in any film format as long as it's 120. Medium format shooters will be really happy. I put a roll through my Rolleiflex on a super sunny early May Sunday afternoon and photographed around Oakville's waterfront. I shot at box speed and processed in Ilford's ID-11 with a 1+1 dillution for 15 minutes along with a four minute presoak all at 20c.

I was blown away. I recently upgraded to a 27" iMac with a Retina screen and I didn't see grain. Retina screens are quie ruthless at showing flaws in the emulsion, grain (good and bad) and any spacejunk you didn't wipe off the scanner or the negative. I get why my friend Alex Luykx loves Panatomic X, It hasn't been made in years but now you get a chance to buy a new film that gives you a look at a more manageable speed. Now you can only buy the film online at CatLabs of JP and a ten pack of film with shipping included is around $105 CAD. Pretty cool for a boutique film and CatLabs of JP should be supported for going out on a limb and making this.

Some tips for processing, so far I've only done ID-11, so you're safe with D76 as well, I think HC110 might work well too. Do the pre soak for about three to five minutes. CatLabs used Shanghai backing paper and it has a reputation of leaving a residue behind, so pre soak. Other than that,  process like you would process any traditional grained film in a small tank.

Camera: Rolleflex Series E 3.5 Planar TLR.
Film: CatLabs Film 80 X, ID-11 1+1.

Towne Square on Sunday

People by a Calm Lake Ontario

Busy Sunday in Lakeside Park

Around the Light Beacon

Sue 1

Getting the Masts Back Up at the OYC


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