Wander Along Bloor St. Two

Bloor St. has many personalities, ranging from neighbourhood main drag, major east west corridor in the city, Toronto's Magnificent Mile and secondary business district filled with head offices for advertising and PR agencies, insurance companies, law offices, and a consumer packaged goods conglomorate along with condo towers some with interesting architecture, some not. The headquarters for  Manulife intrigues me as it reminds me of the old Sun Life headquarters in Montreal.

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko lenses.
Film: Kentmere 100, ID-11 1+1.

Sculpture at One Bloor St. East

One Bloor St. East May 2019

Xerox Building Reflecting the Mariott Across The Street II

Former Imperial Life Building

Looking At Where Church Meets Davenport

Reflection in the Unilever Building

Church St. Curve

Peak into a Yorkville Side St

Back of the Manulife Headquarters

Manulife Headquarters Old Section

Manulife Headquarters Old Section II

Manulife Headquarters Old Section Side Doors

Manulife Headquarters Front Wall

Manulife Headquarters Front Doors

Manulife Headquarters Looking Up

Street Life Sculpture One

In Front of the Rogers Mothership

Looking Up Mt. Pleasent at Bloor St


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