Revisiting ORWO UN 54

If anyone has been following Lomography recently, they released a film called Potsdam 100 which is spooled German black and white motion picture stock ORWO UN 54. Hard core analogue photographers have been using motion picture stock as still film for years, the most famous being Eastman XX. ORWO based in Wolfen made photographic and motion picture film back during the cold war when the Iron Curtain fell, so did the firm. Under new ownership, ORWO continued making dual purpose film that could be used for black and white still film and motion picture stock and the only way you could buy it was in "short" 30m/100ft rolls or longer. For those of us who like to roll our own film into canisters, this is quite economical.

I love ORWO UN 54 for the tonality and fine grain, and it processes well in Rodinal at 1+50 dilution. This film is only available through ORWO North America, I should get another bulk roll at some point, we'll see.

Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko 28 f2.8 lens, Zuiko 50 f1.4 silver nose lens.
Film: ORWO UN 54, Rodinal 1+50 for 9min 30 sec at 20c.

Eastern Harbourfront Devlopment

Dana Playing Around

The Fountain from Another Angle

Under the Gardiner at Sherbourne 1

Under the Gardiner at Sherbourne 3

King and Sherbourne Crossing

King and Sherbourne Looking West

Office and Shop Furniture_

St James Park

St James Cathredal_

Shuffling Across Adelaide

Racing Past the 501

Elephants in the Courtyard Spring 2019


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