A Morning Walk In July During a Heatwave

This has been a stinky hot summer so far. I was out with my friend John Meadows a few weeks ago for a morning walk from my house to downtown Oakville for coffee. I travelled light with an Olympus OM-1md, with a new to me Zuiko MC 50 F1.4 lens with the serial number over a million. What's the signifigance of that? The million plus MC 50 f1.4 lenses were considered one of the best in the Zuiko line up especially in terms of colour rendition which is moot because I rolled with black and white on this adventure. 

As for the film. I loaded up with ORWO UN 54 which some people in the know, recognize that as raw Lomography Kino Potsdam 100. ORWO film is only available in 100' rolls so you have roll your own. I do, with a low tech Lloyds bulk loader. What I love about UN 54 is how it looks in D76 (American ID-11) in the 1+1 dilution. I'm planning to buy two more bulk rolls when the heat tapers off late in the Summer. I love this film and like Ilford FP4 forgot how nice it is in a traditional developer. 

Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko MC 50 f1.4 lens. 
Film: ORWO UN 54 (Lomo Kino Potsdam) 100 film, D76 1+1. 

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