First Hike of the Year at Mono Cliffs

I'm thankful that Ontario Provincial Parks are open for day hikers, my game plan is to do week day hikes through the Summer and get my dose of nature while I can. 

This trip was with my friends Alex and James from the Classic Camera Revival, we all arrived in separate cars, and kept at least six feet/two metres apart as per public health guidelines. It was good to get out even though I wasn't entirely in control of the itinerary. The game plan is to come back and shoot with black and white film, most likely my new favourite for hiking Bergger Pancro 400, failing that maybe some Ilford HP5. 

Mono Cliffs the hamlet was quiet, but it was early in the week and the Mono Cliffs Inn is still closed for renovations due to kitchen fire  pre pandemic. I hope they pull through because I love the Inn's menu and I've taken a lot of friends up there for lunch, and, you can work lunch off by hiking back to the car. 

The other thing I plan to do this Summer is use up my Portra 400 stash and, switch to Fujifilm Pro 400H to shake things up. Yes I have trashed Fujifilm for their rather "Japanese" business practices which would strike anyone in the west as the opposite of transparent which is what both the biggies Kodak and Ilford do. My frustration stems from scanning Portra 400, it's a crap shoot. There, that's my little rant. Maybe I should just ease in by starting with a stash of Superia 400. 

Camera: Minolta XE-7, MC and MD Rokkor lenses. 
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Big Sea of Green One Big Sea of Green Point Five Crack in the Cliff 2020 Mono Cliffs Fern and Rock Mono Cliffs Observation Deck Path Path Back up the Cliff_ Mc Carston's Lake 2020 Three Mr. Lee Setting the Shot up._ The Bruce Trail Heading Up On the Bruce Trail Ahead Forest from the Trees or Something Like That More Forest from the Trees_ Mono Cliffs Meadow Two 2nd Line East and Mono Centre Road Runied Garage An Australian Totom Pole Mono Cliffs United Church


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