Happy Canada Day, Scenes from a Hike in Silver Creek Conservation Area.

Happy Canada Day! 

Well, what you see here was shot a few weeks ago on a week day morning hike just north of Georgetown at Silver Creek Conservation Area. Nature keeks me sane particularly in these dark times, I felt decommressing while driving up Trafalgar Road.  Even just with the morning hike my friend James and I explored only a portion of the conservation area. My game plan is to get a lot of hiking in this Summer because it's pretty much a staycation year. I go during the week because the trails are quiet.

I rolled with my Canon New F-1 AE and Bergger Pancro 400, a great combination. I went with this particular film as it's super wide tonal range would help me with the highlights. I'm planning to top up my 35mm and 120 stocks later in the year, because, it's the tonality. 

If you can where you live, get out and hike in nature, it will help you stay sane during these interesting times, and again, Happy Canada Day! 

Camera: Canon New F-1 AE, FDn lenses. 
Film: Bergger Pancro 400, HC110 B. 

Tree in the Field Halton Hills Farm 27 Side Road Bridge II Silver Creek Education Centre Silver Creek Sign Forest Fungus_ Bruce Trail Inside Silver Creek Conservation Area James Lee in The Wild_ Splinters Path through the Bog Water Between the Stones Mini Waterfall in Silvercreek Conservation Area Another Halton Hills Barn Another Halton Hills Barn TWo Another Look at the 27th Side Road Bridge


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