Hamilton-Burlington Waterfront

Hamilton and Burlingon waterfronts are inter connected, I was really curious about the Hamilton Beach area, which you can see from the Burlington Skyway, there were a bunch of beach cottages some have been razed and replaced with grander houses and town house developments. It's kinda of a weird spot, one you have a major bridge with one of Canada's busiest highways behind you, and there are large electrical towers between you and the lakefront along with a waterfront path which used to be part of Canadian National's Beach sub that one time provided a shortcut bypassing Hamilton as well as serving some industrial customers. 

What most interesting along my little morning adventure, the Hamilton beach was pretty empty while the Burlington Beach was slammed full of people, I took a pass on that for obvious reasons. The Burlington waterfront is more decorative with pedestrian paths and the pier. For the most part Burlington's waterfront is open to the public. 

Camera: Nikon FM, Nikkor Ai lenses. 
Film Kosmo Mono 100, D76 1+1. 

Saturday Morning on Beach Boulevard Burlington Skyway Two_ Condemned Beach House Two Heavy Duty Power Lines Along the Beach Walking Along the Waterfront Trail_ Burlington Beach House Shack in the Shadow of the Skyway Spencer Smith Park Path Burlington Shoreline July 4 Spencer Smith Pier July 4 Spencer Smith Pier July 4 Two Crossing Lakeshore at Brant


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