Ferrania P30 in the Beaches on a Bright August Day


To date I've only shot Ferrania P30 during its Alpha run which to lay people is a test run to get the formula right. I loved the results I got. Here, I shot with the core run and I found the results not quite what I was looking for. Ferrrania P30 is an 80 ISO black and white motion picture stock made famous by Frederico Fellini in films like 8-1/2. It's not a forgiving film with very little latitude, and I found that out today when I shot it. Thing is I've shot in similar light environment a year ago and loved what I got. You have to be careful in two areas, metering, the film has a really shallow tonality, almost the polar opposite compared to  Fuji Acros 100, and two developing. I was sloppy in both. Why do I stick with this film, you get it right the results look glorious. 

From my experince, I would use P30 for landscape, architecture, I want it with portraiture and still life. Street photography, maybe not the best choice, where you are going to need a lot more latitude. That said I shot another roll of P30 in my Nikon F2SB to try out a Pre Ai Nikkor NC 28 F2 lens, you will have to stay tuned for that. 

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko lenses. 

Film: Ferrania P30 80 ISO film, HC110 B. 

Breakwell Before the Staff Showed Up Beaches Fire Station 227 August 2020 Balmy Beach Club Wall_ Garages at RC Harris August 2020 Doorway to Fresh Water August 2020 Stand in for the Hall of Justice RC Harris Lower Tower August 2020 Goof on teh South East Corner Goof Sign mostly in the Shadows Outrigger August 2020 Outrigger Two August 2020 Beacher Cafe Open for Breakfast Wall Mural on Foodland Formerly Bam!_ Breakast and Lunch with a Punch Seagull Designs Signage_ Long Time Empty Lot August 2020 Queen St. Looking West towards the Fire Station Walking Past the Pop Up Garden Centre


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