Rolleiflex and Kosmo Mono 100

 If  you are a film photographer and not following Kosmo Foto, what's wrong with you? They are a great site news and in depth articles on analogue photography. Also they have their own brand of black and white film, Kosmo Mono 100, and I've been a fan of the film for a while. Yes it's rebranded Fomapan 100 but the packaging is way cooler, and it's available in places that don't stock Fomapan or directly off Kosmo Foto. 

Kosmo Mono or Fomapan 100 looks fabulous in D76 1+1 dilution for 10 minutes, after messing around with Rodinal and sometimes HC110 I think this gives me the look I'm after. 

Now during my stay in the Beaches I got some of my mid week photowalk group together for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Some couldn't make it due scheduling and others due to playing it really safe.  I missed these walks, we played it safe keeping two meters apart and having lunch on the patio of the Stone Lion. 

Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5 F Planar TLR. 

Film: Kosmo Mono 100, D76 1+1. 

Rolleiflex 3.5 F Planar TLR and Kosmo Mono 100 On the Path to the Water Three Empty Seats Empty Chairs with a great View Vegetation on the Rocks._ Friendly Giant's Muskoka Chair Kew Gardens Cone Flowers_ Kew Gardens Monochrome Black Eyed Susans Entrance to the Gardens_ Leuty Avenua shelter August 2020 Stored Lifeguard Boats Late August Lifegaurd Station  The Shot Hazel Ave In the Shade Unicorns in the Front Yard What's Playing at teh Fox During the Pandemic_ Breakwell Ready for Lunch


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