Nikon F2S and Ultrafine Extreme 400 Part Two

 It's time my F2S got a CLA, it's performing ok and I fixed the uneven exposures in landscape shots (thank you graduated filters in Lightroom), I've had this camera for 15 years and served me well but it could use some love. F2's are solid cameras that always deliver, a service is always a good thing. 

Camera: Nikon F2S, NIkkor Pre Ai lenses. 

Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Outdoors at Croissant Express_ The Seven Lower Patio at Lakeshore Waiting for Master Curbside Dining in Effect for Now Townhomes on Thomas_ 53 Thomas Leaves on the Ground_ Fall on King St._ A Quiet Spot By the Lake_ Door and Windows on King St._ King St. Front Path Queen Anne Corner Tower Allan St. Front Door Smack in the middle of the last Block of Lakeshore


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