Test Driving my Birthday Present an Olympus OM-1


You're probably thinking, "Bill how many Olympus OM-1's do you own already?" 

Well you should know better than to ask that question, I love my Olympus OM gear. This OM-1 is an early production example without the motor drive port, and I got it as a birthday present from my brother Alex in early Septmeber. I had an early Zuiko chrome nose 50 f1.8 lens which would be a perfect mate for this camera. The meter is dead but that's no big deal as I have a couple of different handheld light meters and at some point I plan to grab the clip on Reveni Labs meter for the hot shoe. Otherwise the shutter is strong and there are no spacing issues. 

The camera strap is new, and is a pre production prototype woven by my friend and fellow photographer Dana Kayes. I'm in awe with her creative talent not only in photography but also in weaving. Within the Toronto Film Shooters community, few of us are lucky to get these custom camera straps. We've been out on photowalks together in The Before Time and once this past September just when the fall colours started to explode. I hope we can head back out again some time soon for another walk soon, I miss spending time with Dana. 

Camera: Olympus OM-1, Zuiko lenses. 

Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

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