Continuing Tales of Pre Lockdown 2.0.

Sometimes I have to take dad's camera off the shelf and give it a workout. My blog posts are all over the place in terms of order, but that's ok, we're in lockdown again so enjoy the ride.  

Dad's Nikon F was made in mid to late 1960 and I usually have either a Nikkor H 50 2 or S 50 f1.4 lens on it. The camera is a basic tank, no meter though a clip on meter was available in the accessories line up before the Photomic meter heads came along. The camera is a joy to shoot with and metering isn't a issue with a handheld meter. 

Film wise I'm using Lomography Berlin 400 black and white film which is re-spooled ORWO N74, am I going to grab more when it's done, probably not, I'm planning to go deep on Fomapan 400 for a while. 

Camera: Nippon Kogaku Nikon F, Nikkor S 50 f1.4, H 28 F3.5 and P 105 F2.5 lenses. 

Film: Lomography Berlin 400 Film, HC110 B. 

Untitled Restored 1960s Two Story on Hillhurst Suburban Driveway_ Empty Gairloch Grounds_ Mallard Distracted_ Deer Sculpture Installation Eastlake Shoreline_ Tiny Crowd in the Background Path Through the Arch_ Gairloch Artist's Residence and Former Gift Shop Gairloch Tiny Library_


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