We Shoulda Brought Shotguns to This.....

 We shoulda brought shotguns to this, dialogue from Pulp Fiction that equally describe film choices on what had to be the bleakest day for shooting, Christmas Eve. To call skies pale anthricite is putting it mildly, I really should have packed Ilford HP5 and pushed to 1600 ISO but had Lomography Berlin 400 (respooled ORWO N74) and I don't have experience pushing this film, hence the quote from Jules Wingfield from Marcelus Wallace's crew, "We should have brought shotguns to this." 

I rolled with the situation and ran with my super fast Nikkor NC 28 F2 lens for the vast majority of the walk which was two days before lockdown 2.0 starting on December 26, 2020. This lens delivers. 

Lomo Berlin has a certain look and yeah, I think I prefer Bergger Pancro 400 for tonality, I have one more roll in another Nikkormat and that will be my last roll. It was fun experimenting with Berlin but, I'll stick to Potsdam or ORWO UN54 instead. 

Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor S 50 f1.4 and NC 28 F2 lens. 

Film: Lomography Berlin 400, HC110 B. 

Bridgewood in the Rain Silvercreek Socialhaus Corner Knox Georgetown_ Mill and Main St._ Crossing Main St. In Georgetown Crossing Georgetown Municipal Building Two_ Mill St. Curve Home for Lost Panel Vans Main and Guelph Sts. Georgetown_ 15 and 15A_ Below Grade Porch Twin Toyota 4Runners_ Wesleyen and Main Former Bank on the Corner


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