The Grey Season Part One.


The Grey Season, not fall, not winter, not even spring, it's that time of year that ecompasses all three. There's no snow on the ground, the temperatures while above freezing is still cold and the skies are the shade of sandblasted silver. 

I took the Nikkormat EL for a spin, the last time I used it was early on in the pandemic, figured it would be fitting to use it before I switched to my cold weather camera gear for the next few months.  The EL was one of those cameras Nikon put out that telegraphed where things were going in terms of camera design as in the meter display looks the same in the EL2, FE, FE2 and FM3a and with the shutter control button moving up to the top of the camea like the pro bodies. 

Nikkormat EL, Pre Ai Nikkor lenses. 

Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Nikkormat EL Wedgewood Pool Through the Chainlink Fence_ Metal Bridge over Wedgewood Creek Albiion and Colchester Cul De Sac In November_ St. Cuthburts Southern Entrance Future Rock Cliff Custom Home Updated Southeast Oakville Bungalow Rock Outcrop at Edgemere_ East Oakville Shore Bottom of Wedgewood Creek Wedgewood Creek Looking North Path back up to Lakeshore


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