Canon EF in the Winter Part Two

 Kentmere 400 is a cheap and cheerful film you can find pretty much anywhere and it's made by the same people who make Ilford products, Harmon. I found a time for HC110 B and it the results are quite nice. Nice to have in your back pocket as a lower cost alternative to Ilford HP5 and Kodak Tri-X and you can't find Ultrafine Extreme 400. Do I love shooting with it? Kentmere 400 is nice, I don't know, I've shot enough UFX 400 to know its strengthes and weaknesses. I actually prefer shooting with Fomapan 400 which has a bit more of a 1970s Kodak Tri-X character, and I look forward to shooting with more of that. 

I'm not damning Kentmere 400, it's a nice film to shoot with for photowalks and you just want to bang some frames off, you'll get great results every time. 

Camera: Canon EF, FD lenses. 

Film: Kentmere 400, HC110 B. 

53 Navy St. In the Sun Porsche 718 Spider in the Shade Pair of Muskoka Chairs on the Corner Was A Bakery Now a Chinese Restaurant_ Middle of Downtown Oakville_ Modernist Christmas Tree in the Square_ Hash Tagged Towne Square Walking in the Slushy Shade Brantwood PS Standing Decoreated Patriotic Front Porch Blakeblock House After the Melt_ Lakeshore and Thomas Sunday Afternoon


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