Chirstmas GAS Attack, a Black Canon FTBn

 I have a weak spot for Canon FTBn's, I re-homed one to my friend Alyssa of a Aly's Vintage Camera Alley, and I plan to re-home another soon to another friend in the film photography community  It still leaves me with a chrome FTBn and now this lovely black example I purchased recently in fit of gear acquisition syndrome. If you're looking for an altrenative to the AE-1(P) and the A-1, and you don't have the budget for an F-1, this is the camera you want to look at and are still accessable price wise, for now. 

This was a Christmas present to myself as the test roll results show below, no issues with the shutter, the meter however, while responsive, one of the parts is broken from a hack repair job. No big deal, I use a hand held meter instead. The meter will get fixed some day, I have a parts body, that will be a post pandemic thing, but then, the hand held meter works just fine. 

Another fun tip to prevent dreaded water spots on Ultrafine Extreme 400 which is prevelent this time of year when the humidity drops like a rock indoors. Leave it in the Photo Flo bath for a couple of minutes and the problem goes away. I have eight bulk loaded rolls left and I'll be switching to Fomapan 400 because UFX 400 is out of stock, everywhere. 

Merry Christmas, it's a weird one for sure, and stay safe this holiday season. We're nowhere near out of the woods yet. 

Camera: Canon FTBn, FD 50 f1.8 SC lens, 28 F2 SSC lens. 

Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B. 

Canon FTBn Former Post Office Mid Week Two Tree Trunks by the Wall_ West end of Church St._ Brutalist Entrance_ Christmas Ornaments_ Much More Christmas Ornaments_ Staing down the North Side of Lakeshore Spoken For Ginger Bread Houses Gairloch Gardens Access Path_ Gairloch Gardens Mansion December Thaw Birch and Bench The Gairloch Arch Original Southeast Oakville House


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