Scotsdale Farm in Full Colour

 I dragged my friend Nicole up for a quick hike a few weeks ago, the sun was out and it was gorgeous and she needed a break from her studies. The day was prefect, I mean not a cloud in the sky which can be difficult for a photographer, so don't make the sky the focus, it was a really nice late fall day. I know we'll return at some point, when exactly, probably next year. 

I chose  to run with my eye level prism Canon New F-1 with an FDn lens assortment to keep the weight down a bit. the older breach lock lenses are much heavier. The film was freezer stored expired in 2009 Kodak Max 400. On seeing the scan results, I'm rethinking my NLP Billie Bear kit, again, just take my two Canon New F-1's one for colour the other for black and white and rock by and large an FDn lens kit to save weight. I do have that 100-300 F5.6 L series zoom lens for telephoto work. 

Camera: Canon New F-1, FDn lenses. 

Film: Kodak Max 400, expired in 2009 and freezer stored. 

Scotsdale Farm Driveway Looking West Tree Mushrooms_ Bruce Trail made of Wood Nicole Hugging a Tree Wooden Path Through the Trees Shaded Meadow Edge Shaded Meadow Edge Two Shaded Meadow Edge Three Late Fall Meadow Footbridge in the Trees Colour Two Footbridge in the Trees Colour Three Nicole Photographing_ Lost Wooden Fence_ Sunshine Through the Trees Scotsdale Back Drive Scotsdale Pond Reflections_ White Faded Barn Door_ Barn Courtyard Scotsdale Farm Half in the Shade Farmhouse South End Scotsdale Farmhouse Front Path


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