Canon EF in the Snow

The Canon EF is a one of those below the radar cameras that deliver. Long overshadowed by the AE-1 and A-1 in the back half of the 1970s, the EF was a technology testbed for later innovations, like using a hybrid mechanical/electronic copal shutter, shutter priority. In some ways the EF, was Canon's answer to the likes of the Nikkormat EL and the Asahi Pentax ES(II), advanced cameras filled with technology for advanced amateurs. There's much to love with this camera in terms of ergonomics, and the fact with the bridge circuits you can use modern voltage batteries. 

In terms of winter photography, it has been all over the place, we have been getting some snow, then it melts. In terms of the classic white Canadian winter  I haven't seen one of those in a while in Southern Ontario. I like winter photography but the really cool stuff will happen once I start skiing for the season and get out of Oakville, if there's a ski season. 

Canon EF, FD 50 f1.4 and 28 f2 SSC lenses. 

Film: Kentmere 400, HC110 B 

Canon EF Snowy Backyard One Christmas Wreath Snow Covered Tire Still Life Snowy Snowy Cairncroft Rd Post Modernist Mini Mansion_ Gairloch Garden Path Winter Wonderland Gairloch Garden Path Winter Wonderland Two Gairloch Garden Winter Wonderland Main House Gairloch Snowcovered Waterfront Path Gairloch Snowcovered Closed Path


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