Early Sunday Morning Photowalk in the Beaches, a Canon F-1n, and ORWO UN54 Part One.


My recently overhauled Canon F-1n, needed a shake down run so I went on an early March photowalk on a very sunny Sunday morning with my friends John Meadows and Ori Carmona. I rolled with ORWO UN 54, a black and white motion picture stock repurposed as a still film. I haven't shot with this emulsion in a while, I still had seven hand rolled cassettes left and I was going to switch over to Rollei RPX 100. Well, the results have me reconsidering. 

ORWO UN54 sings in D76 or ID-11 at a one part developer one part water solution. Damn, I'm now thinking I should get two more bulk rolls because I'm blown away with the results, especially on a sunny day. Well as they say, but wait, there will be more, you just have to wait until the next post. 

Camera: Canon F-1n, FD 35 f2 chrome nose lens, FDn 135 F2.8 lens, 

Film: ORWO UN 54 ID-11 1+1. 

The 501 at Sarah Ashbridge Ave in the Shade Kabernet Sauvignon First Thing in the Morning Beaches Fire Station with the Pumper Truck Out Front The Breakwall Patio with a Roof Windows Above Asiri's Treasures_ Empty Stone Lion Patio_ An Ongoing Restaraunt and a Long Closed Restaraunt Souvlaki Hut on the Corner Bearcher Cafe Closed in the Morning_ AM 501 Headed West Healthy Queen St. East Busiensses Queen St. East Duplex in White Very Empty Queen St. East on a Sunday Morning Goof Sign March 2021 Remarkable Bean Sign Patiently Waiting In Front of the No Frills Ori and John


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