More Fun the Beaches Late Winter.


I fell in love with ORWO UN 54 all over again. I've shot with it off and on over the years and used Xtol and Rodinal developers, the results were nice but didn't set the world on fire. ID-11 or D76 cut down to 1+1 solution, now we're talking. I went and bought two 100 foot bulk rolls so I won't run out. 

Camera: Canon F-1n, FD 35 F2 Silver Nose Lens, FD 24 F2.8 SSC lens. 

Film: ORWO UN 54 1+1 

First Stop on the 501 Westbound Riding Up the Access Road RC Harris Upper Section One March 2021 RC Harris Upper Section Two March 2021 RC Harris Lower  Section One March 2021 RC Harris Lower Section Two March 2021 Dirty Ice on the Rocks Dirty Ice on the Rocks Melting Away Shoreline over to Bluffer's Park Stairs Up to RC Harris Water Treatment Plant Start of the Beaches Boardwalk Dilly Dalling behind my Owner Boardwalk Chairs Are Empty Sunday Morning at the Lifeguard Station Kew Gardens Gardener's Cottage March 2021 Kew Gardens Bandstand Bud's Coffee in the Middle


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