Beer Run to the Junction in Toronto

I did a beer run to Indie Ale House in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood a few weeks ago, I love their beer, especially the breakfast porter and Instigator IPA. Of course a packed a camera and some film because I've been in shooting around Southeast Oakville almost exclusively for the past few months and while it makes for an interesting exercise to find something interesting in what you see every day. I needed a change of scenery.

Well,  pre March 15, 2020, I would not have given it any thought, now I was wearing a mask in the street becasue physical distancing, was, well, kinda hard to do on a busy sidewalk. This was my first and last beer run to Indie Ale House in person until a safe and viable vaccine comes out. I have some people in my orbit with delicate immune systems and I can't afford to 1) get sick myself or 2) even worse, become an asymptomatic carrier.

Once half a roll of Portra 400 was killed, I got the beer and made my way over to Bloor West Village to finish the other half.

Camera: Canon New F-1 AE, Fdn 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodak Portra 400.

Looking Down a Rough High Park Avenue

Needs some Landscaping

Really Needs some Landscaping

Action at High Park and Dundas

Dundas West in the Junction

Pho Huo The Loft

The Treasury_

Waiting at Keele and Dundas

Corner of A and W

Expat Row House

Chatting with the Neighbour Safely

Another Look at the Corner of A and W_

Passing Channel Zero_

Indie Ale House Bottle Shop


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