Nikkormat FTn, Old Faithful.

This makes Nikkormat FTn  number four in my collection, judging by the plastic tipped film advance, near the end of the production run before the FT2 was introduced. I got this off Ebay a few weeks ago on a whim. While I could fix the jumpy meter in my Nikkormat FT3, my early chrome FTn, I could not due to a stubborn screw on the lens mount that just would not budge.

What's the allure of Nikkormat FTn's? For me partly memories of growing up in Montreal in the 1970s, my dad had one and he documented my brother and I throughout or childhood on Kodak Tri-X and later slide film. Two, I have always recommended this camera to people who wanted to buy into a Nikon system on the cheap. Nikkormat bodies are by and large under $100 CAD then you can focus your remaining budget on lenses, and Pre Ai Nikkor glass is less expensive than the later Ai and Ais lenses. The other bonus, these cameras are built like tanks that work in all kinds of weather, what's not to love?

On this little walk today I rolled with an old stand by Fomapan 400, which I processed in D76 1+1 dilution to emulate the Tri-X negatives my dad left. I couldn't believe how nice the negatives are, I love the grain structure on this negative set a lot and I can't wait to print from this series.

Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor lenses.
Film: Fomapan 400, D76 1+1.

Late production Nikkormat FTN.

Lawson Park Barn North Side May 2020

Lawson Park Barn North Side Barn Doors May 2020

Balsam and Lakeshore East Side Historic House

Traffic on Lakeshore Road East_

Town Truck on Lakeshore._

Lost Fleece Mitt

Lake Ontario is in a Mood Three

Lake Ontario is in a Mood._

1990s Volvo

Vine on the Fencepost

Lake Ontario is Still in a Mood


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