Mamiya C220f and Agfa Optima 100

What a magical combination Mamiya Sekor lenses, and freezer stored Agfa Optima 100 from almost 18 years ago. My Mamiya C220f is getting a fair bit of use this spring and I'm shooting more colour film now that C-41 processing at Burlington Camera is more accessible. 

I've shot a bit of Agfa Optima 100 last Summer and was  in love with the film. A friend name Larry had chest freezer full of medium format Agfa colour film, his daughter made off with all the APX 100 and APX 400, that would have been fun to shoot with in a trip down memory lane. I never shot Agfa colour film when it was fresh so getting regular access to frozen inventory is a gift I'm not passing up. So far the film has been through my Rollei's but not the Mamiya so here we are. What I love is the colour palette is neither Kodak or Fuji, it is what one friend coined "very European" and I like it. 

Camera: Mamiya C220f, Sekor 80 F2.8 and 55 F4.5 Blue Dot lenses. 
Film: Agfa Optima 100. 

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