Seeing in Colour with Kodak Pro Image 100.

It's been a very monochrome spring, it's the mood of the times we're in with the pandemic. It also refected my mood, it's been interesting times staying close to home for the past three months. My reselience has held up ok, but I'm feeling lonely, being single in a pandemic, not fun and no I'm not planning to dive into pandemic dating, I have a few people in my immediate circle with delicate immue systems, I have be careful. So meeting new people in person other than at least two metres/ six feet away ain't in the cards for now.

All that said, we finally got some nice weather, and I'll take whatever pick me up I can get. In this case shooting some colour. I've been playing around with Kodak Pro Image 100. That has only been made recently available for the North American market, cheap everywhere accept Canada. I find Pro Image slots between Kodak Ektar 100 and Portra 160 in terms of saturation.

I have found this film loves Minolta Rokkor glasss so the XD-11 came along for the ride an a chance to try out the sleeper MD Rokkor 45 F2 lens. I like this piece of glass, compact and sharp, coupled with the XD-11, a great combination. Also, it was my first time using the MD Rokkor X 50 f3.5 macro lens and I love it, oh wow!

Camera: Minolta XD-11, MD Rokkor X 45 F2 lens. 50 F3.5 Macro lens.
Film: Kodak Pro Image 100.

Adaptable Pine Tree

Crossing Morrison Creek June 1_

Crossing the Park on the Path._

Frog Rock, I Guess

Laybug Rock

Flags on the Porch

Little Neighburhood Library_

The Curiosity Exchange June 1

Patriotic and Rustic Muskoka Chair

Flying the Maple Leaf On the Front Porch

The Old OTHS Up Close

Former OTHS Exit


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