Gone for a Hike In Bronte Provincial Park Part One

Ontario Provincial Parks reopened a few weeks ago and I got an opportunity to go for a day hike inside Bronte Creek Provincial Park, sandwiched between Oakville and Burlingtion Ontario it's a short drive from home. I needed a dose of nature bad yet didn't feel comfortable driving up to Forks of the Credit or Mono Cliffs as tempting as that would have been. I delibrately visited mid week so I could stay away from the crowds that would invetabliy show up on a nice day on the weekend.

Bronte Creek is former farmland stretching from the QEW up to about three quarters of the way up to Highway 5/Dundas. The trails are ok but with the drone of the highway constantly in the background, you really don't get away from it all. What Bronte Creek does have is a farm on it, with livestock, which gives you somehing to photograph along with meadows, forest and a river valley.

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko lenses.
Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, HC110 B

Path to the Parking Lot

Bronte Provincial Park Farm House Two

Bronte Provincial Park Farm House Detail

Bronte Provincial Park Barn_

Vintage Tractor in the Field_

Barn Window with Wooden Bars

Bronte Park Second Barn

Garage Partly in the Shade

Bronte Park Field

Farm Fence Post

Path to the Woodlot


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