Bergger Pancro 400, D76 1+1

Bergger Pancro 400 is fast becoming one of my staple films and I've been experimenting with the developers on hand. In Rodinal 1+25 it was meh, Pancro 400 shone in HC110 dillution B, and now, the stalwart, D76 or American ID-11. I used the one part water one part D76 stock solution and followed the 17 minute developing time with the recommended inversion protocols from Bergger. The end results you see below.

I showed my friend and fellow co-host from the Classic Camera Revival john Meadows a few of the shots. There's grain, but it's a pleasing grain. His comment was some of the photos had a three dimensional tonality, especially the Mercedes AMG supercar. You want to test the limits of a film find and example of this car in the matt black finish and see how your film handles it.

Bergger Pancro 400 processed in HC110 B and D76 1+1 was shot in bright harsh sunshine so I can't comment how it would handle duller light, you will have to stay tuned for that. Overall in 35mm if your willing to work with grain Pancro 400 is a nice film with tonality from the dual silver layer emulsion that would blow your mind.

Camera: Nikon F90, Nikkor lenses.
Film: Bergger Pancro 400, D76 1+1.

Morrison Creek Foot Bridge Late May 2020

The Untouchable Play Set Late May 2020

Historic Mansion on MacDonald

Arts and Crafts House on Watson

Still Closed to the Public

Four Tulips_

Backside to the old OTHS

Building for Sale_

16 Mile Creek in the Sun

Mercedes AMG Coupe Grille_

Mercedes AMG Coupe_


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